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motsupply is a independent distributor of production quantities MA1 components including Hard-to-Find Motorola MA-COM Freescale and ON Semi Electronic Components. Located in the USA we buy and sell obsolete, discontinued electronic components domestically and abroad. With 24 hour quote response and the ability to ship over 90 percent of our orders the SAME day we are positioned to serve you!

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MA10-1 MA10-2 MA100 MA100050GJ MA100100XK MA1002A MA10038802 MA1005B MA1008652A122C MA100A MA100BF103 MA100BF103B MA100CORCM MA100EAB75000M MA100EAB75000MHZ MA100GG103B MA100H110592 MA100H16 000 MA100H16000MHZ MA100H16800M MA100H1767078MHZ MA100H26800 MA100H40000 MA100H40000MHZMM MA100H49152MHZ MA100H70806MHZ MA100H80000MHZ MA100HH20000M MA100MA100MA100 MA100P MA100R5B MA100T MA100T26800MHZ MA100T44736MHZ MA100X0050J MA101 MA101000 MA1010000L MA101000L MA10101 MA1010H10000MHZ MA1010H1250 MA1010H34368MHZ MA1010H51840MHZ MA1010HH51840MHZ MA1010PC2 MA101100XM MA101151KAA MA10120J MA10121P MA101471JAA MA10150JAN MA10152D0LMO MA10152K0L MA10152KOL MA1015C51A08 MA1015M63218 MA1016FD MA1018 MA1018C53K04 MA1018DK MA1019 MA101A100JAA MA101A101FAA MA101A101JAABULK MA101A101KAA MA101A101KAAM6000 MA101A101KAATR MA101A102KHC MA101A103KAA MA101A121JM MA101A131JRA MA101A150KAA MA101A151KAA MA101A161FAB MA101A201JAA MA101A201KAA MA101A220JN0001 MA101A220KAC MA101A221FRA MA101A221JMA MA101A221MAA MA101A241JCA MA101A271JAA MA101A301JAA MA101A330GAA MA101A330KAATR MA101A331JAA MA101A331KAAM MA101A331MAA MA101A361GAA MA101A390JAATR MA101A391JAA MA101A391KAAM MA101A3R3CAA MA101A3R9JRA MA101A470FAA MA101A470JAATR MA101A471 MA101A471KAA MA101A472MAA MA101A4R7DAATR MA101A4R7KAAIBM MA101A511JAA MA101A560JAA MA101A561JAA MA101A561JAATR MA101A561KAATR MA101A620JAA MA101A680JAA MA101A680KAATR MA101A681JAA MA101A750JAA MA101A820KA MA101A821 MA101A821J050SAA MA101A821KAA MA101C100MMA MA101C101KMA MA101C101KSA MA101C101MAATR MA101C101MRAT MA101C102KAA MA101C102KRA MA101C103MAA MA101C121KRHMA101 MA101C151KAA MA101C151KDTMA10 MA101C152JAA MA101C152MAA MA101C181KDA MA101C202AL MA101C202MAA MA101C220KRA 22PF MA101C220KSAKNA MA101C220MAATR MA101C222JAA MA101C222KSA MA101C222MAA MA101C222MAATR MA101C271KAA MA101C271KRA MA101C330KHA MA101C331KDA MA101C331KMA3 MA101C331KRA MA101C332000DA MA101C332KDA MA101C332MAATR MA101C390KRA MA101C392JAA MA101C470KAATR MA101C471KAA MA101C471KPA MA101C472JAA MA101C472MAA MA101C502JAA MA101C561KAA MA101C561MAA MA101C680KAA MA101C681KPA MA101CORCM MA101E103MAA MA101E182KAA MA101GE MA101K507COT MA101R4B MA101X0050M MA101X101KMA MA101X101KSATR1 MA101X102MDA MA101X121KMA MA101X122KMA MA101X150KSA MA101X152 MA101X152MRA MA101X182KPA MA101X221KHA MA101X271KSA MA101X330KDA MA101X332KSA MA101X470KSA MA101X471KHA MA101X472KDA MA101X560KSA MA101X680KMA MA102 MA10201F MA102050GJ MA102050KK MA102050ZK MA1021 MA102100GK MA102100ZZ MA1022 MA102224NL MA1023 MA1025 MA102510K MA10251K MA102545M MA102547J MA102547KTR MA102556K MA10258 MA102582K MA10262 MA102A100DAA MA102A100DDA MA102A101JAA MA102A101MAA MA102A120JAA MA102A150JAA MA102A181JAA MA102A1R3CAA MA102A220KAA MA102A240GRA MA102A270JAA MA102A2R2DAATR MA102A300JMA MA102A330JAA MA102A390FRA MA102A391KAA MA102A3R9CRA MA102A470GRA MA102A470MAA MA102A4R7DCA MA102A510JMA MA102A5R1CAA MA102A5R6CPA MA102A680JAA MA102A750JAA MA102A7R5 MA102A7RCRA MA102A9R1CRA MA102C102KAATR MA102C681KAA MA102K1007ROT MA102R2B MA102W MA102X0050K MA102Z050M MA10300F MA10301 MA103025XK MA103050GM MA103050XM MA103050ZMG MA1030P4100 MA1031 MA103100XJ MA103100ZM MA1032929 MA10330J MA1036 MA1036XG MA1037B MA1037G MA1039M MA103X0050 MA103X0050K MA103X0050Z MA103X0200J MA1040 MA104050GM MA104050XJ MA104050XM MA104050ZZ MA104100ZZ MA104207NLR26 MA1042E MA1042V MA1043LR MA1044CPA MA1044EPA MA10461 MA10470J MA1047LTP MA1047MTA5 MA104CORCM MA104K2A MA104MA104MA104 MA104X0050M MA104X0100J MA104X0200K MA105050XK MA1050N4100 MA1050P4105 MA1051 MA1051LTA MA1051M MA1051MTA MA1052A102GAA MA1056 MAT MA1056MAT MA10595BEAJC MA105A100DAATR MA105A100JAACK12B MA105A100KAA MA105A101JAA MA105A102JAA MA105A102JAATR MA105A102KAABUL MA105A1050GAATR MA105A131JAA MA105A150JAATR MA105A151KAA MA105A180FAA MA105A181J MA105A181JAATR MA105A1R0CAABUL MA105A200JAA MA105A220JAA MA105A220KAA MA105A221FHA MA105A221KAA MA105A270JAA MA105A330JAA MA105A330KAATR MA105A330MAAT MA105A331GAAMLTR MA105A332JAA MA105A361JAA MA105A391JAA MA105A391KAA MA105A3R3DAATR MA105A470FTR MA105A470JAATR MA105A470KAATR MA105A471JAA MA105A471KAA MA105A4R7DAATR MA105A561FPA MA105A561JAA MA105A5R0DAA MA105A5R0KAA MA105A5R1KAA MA105A620JAATR MA105A6420JAA MA105A680JAATR MA105A681KAA MA105A6R8DAA MA105A820KAATR MA105A911FAA MA105C MA105C101KAATR MA105C101MAATR MA105C102KAA MA105C102MAA MA105C1032AA MA105C103K MA105C103KAACK12B MA105C103KAASA105 MA105C103KAASA105C1 MA105C103KRA MA105C103MAA MA105C103MPAL MA105C122JAA MA105C122MAA MA105C151KAA MA105C181K MA105C220KAATR MA105C221KAATR MA105C222MAA MA105C223JAA MA105C223K MA105C223KAABK MA105C331JAATR MA105C390KAA MA105C471KAATR MA105C471MAA MA105C472KAA MA105C472MAAAVX MA105C561KAATR MA105C562KAAAVX MA105C681KAA MA105C682JAAAVX MA105C822KDA MA105E102MAA MA105E103MA MA105E103MTS MA105E103ZAA MA105E104MTR MA105E104ZAATR MA105E202MAATR MA105E222ZAA MA105E223ZAA MA105E333ZAA MA105E473ZAATR MA105K035R MA105X103KDA MA105X562KRA MA1060 MA1061A MA1062H MA10651 MA1068LTA MA106A100JAA MA106A10JAA MA106A680JAA MA10700 MA1070000LM2W MA1070100L MA10701CT MA1070200L MA1070200LEI MA1070400L MA107050 MA1070500LPK MA10705CT-ND MA10705CTND MA107116NL MA107124NL MA1075A MA1075LTA MA1075MTP MA10782 MA10798 MA10799HD MA107A100JAATR MA107A330KAA MA107A7R5DAATR2 MA107STR1K00339 MA1080 MA1082FV MA1091 MA1091H MA1091LTA MA1091M MA10A101KAA MA10C20APH MA10I2A MA10L1NZQD MA10LZNCQD MA10X222M500 MA1100 MA1100HTA MA1100LMAT MA1100LTA) MA1100MLF MA1100TJ MA1101A MA1103A3ME MA1105BKMC080444 MA1106CUB MA1108CUB MA110BEPE MA110TW MA110TX3K MA110TX50 MA110TXCHIPTRANSI MA110X1A MA1110008SO MA1110401156500 MA1110DBQ MA1110HTA MA1110MAT MA1110XG MA1111BTX MA11120J MA11130F MA11141 MA11150J MA111B MA111BCPE MA111IPIJBNJ MA111R3B MA111SMINI MA111TRND MA111TX MA111TXISS352 MA111TXDIODE MA111TXSO MA112 MA11200SYD883C MA1120C454629MA MA1120LTA MA1120TP MAT MA11212 MA1122RZW MA112N4546231MA MA112S454623MA MA112TX1C MA112VX MA1130TA MA1132ATX MA1136YZW MA113R6B50 MA113SMD MA113TO3 MA113TW MA113TX MA1142 MA1142RLR MA114D MA114T02G MA1150 MA1150M MA1150MTA MA115R6B MA1160 MA1161H MA116CT MA1174 MA117C MA1180 MA1180MLF MA118CPI MA119ANST1032Z MA119R1J MA11C105K MA12 MA12-1W MA12-2W MA1201 MA12021 MA1202ACAP MA12048CIV RFB MA1206105M250 MA1206C MA1206CG1 MA1206CG100D500 MA1206CG100J101 MA1206CG100J500ER MA1206CG100J500PR MA1206CG100K202PR MA1206CG101J0BB2 MA1206CG101J500PR MA1206CG101JN50 MA1206CG101KN101 MA1206CG102J MA1206CG102J500PR MA1206CG102JN101ER MA1206CG102JN500 MA1206CG102JN500ER MA1206CG102JN500PR MA1206CG105KN500 MA1206CG121J500R MA1206CG150J50 MA1206CG151J101 MA1206CG151J500 MA1206CG151MP500 MA1206CG152J500MA MA1206CG180J101 MA1206CG181J501 MA1206CG181MP500 MA1206CG200J500 MA1206CG220J101 MA1206CG220J500 MA1206CG220JN500 MA1206CG220JN500PR MA1206CG220M500NT MA1206CG221J50 MA1206CG221J500ER MA1206CG221JN50 MA1206CG221JN500PR MA1206CG222J500 MA1206CG222K500 MA1206CG270J101 MA1206CG270JN5 MA1206CG270KN500 MA1206CG271JN50 MA1206CG2R7CN500P MA1206CG330J MA1206CG330J101PR MA1206CG331J500 MA1206CG331JN50 MA1206CG39 MA1206CG390J500R MA1206CG391JN50 MA1206CG4701500 MA1206CG470J500 MA1206CG470KN500 MA1206CG471J101PR MA1206CG471J500PR MA1206CG471JN500 MA1206CG471JN500PR MA1206CG471KN500 MA1206CG472JN10 MA1206CG473K50 MA1206CG4R7CN101PR MA1206CG560JN50 MA1206CG560JN500P MA1206CG561KN251PR MA1206CG5R6C101 MA1206CG680J500 MA1206CG680JN50 MA1206CG680JN500P MA1206CG680KN500 MA1206CG750J500 MA1206CG820JN50 MA1206CG820JN500P MA1206CGA471J500R MA1206CGJ220 MA1206CO180FN5 MA1206CO270FN5 MA1206LG471KN10 MA1206NPO332J50V MA1206X7R MA1206X7R104K500 MA1206X7R472K500 MA1206X7R474K160 MA1206XR MA1206XR101MN500 MA1206XR102K500 MA1206XR102K500R MA1206XR102KN101P MA1206XR102KN101PRX MA1206XR102KN500 MA1206XR102KN500ER MA1206XR102KN500PR MA1206XR103000101 MA1206XR103K101PR MA1206XR103K500 MA1206XR103K500ME MA1206XR103K501ER MA1206XR103KN500 MA1206XR103KN500ER MA1206XR103KN500PR MA1206XR103KP500TR MA1206XR104000500 MA1206XR104JN500PR MA1206XR104K101ER MA1206XR104K251 MA1206XR104K5004K MA1206XR104K500P MA1206XR104K500[4 MA1206XR104K513 MA1206XR104KN500E MA1206XR104M500R MA1206XR105K500 MA1206XR123K500 MA1206XR153K500 MA1206XR221K500 MA1206XR222K101 MA1206XR222K500ER MA1206XR223M500 MA1206XR223MN500PR MA1206XR224K500 MA1206XR271000500 MA1206XR271MN500P MA1206XR272K500 MA1206XR332K500 MA1206XR333K101 MA1206XR333K500TR MA1206XR391000500 MA1206XR392KN101P MA1206XR471KN50 MA1206XR472JN500 MA1206XR472K500E MA1206XR472K500R MA1206XR472KN500 MA1206XR472KN500PR MA1206XR473000500 MA1206XR473J500 MA1206XR473K500 MA1206XR473KN5 MA1206XR473KN500P MA1206XR473M500 MA1206XR473N500ER MA1206XR474K500R MA1206XR512KN101P MA1206XR682JN500PR MA1206XR682K500PR MA1206XR682KN101ER MA1206XR682KN500 MA1206XR682KN500ER MA1206XR683K500 MA1206XR683K68N63V MA1206XR683KN68 MA1206XR683KN68N6 MA1206XR823K500 MA1206Y5V105Z250 MA1206YV104Z500 MA1206YV104Z50L MA1206YV105Z160 MA1206YV224ZN500E MA1206YV225Z160 MA1206YV225ZN160P MA1206YV226Z100PR MA1206YV226Z100PR[Z MA1206YV475ZN160P MA1206Z4104MN MA1206Z5U105M250PR MA1206Z5U474M500 MA1206ZD224MN50 MA1206ZU102MN5 MA1206ZU102MN500P MA1206ZU103MN500P MA1206ZU104M500 MA1206ZU104M500MERI MA1206ZU104MN MA1206ZU104MN500P MA1206ZU104N500 MA1206ZU154MN50 MA1206ZU154MN500ER MA1206ZU223M500 MA1206ZU223MN500 MA1206ZU223MN500ER MA1206ZU224MN MA1206ZU224MN500 MA1206ZU334MN50 MA1206ZU334MN500E MA1206ZU472MN5 MA1206ZU472MN500 MA1206ZU472MN500PR MA1206ZU474M500PR MA1206ZU47MN630ER MA1206ZY154MN50 MA120AK MA120X0100K MA1210X7R473KP500 MA1210XR102M202ER MA1210XR103K501 MA1210XR104MN101E MA1210XR224KN500 MA1210XR683JN501 MA121100GJ MA1212S MA12135 MA121AM2D MA121CTND MA121M2D MA121TXM2D MA122100GJ MA122SMD MA123 MA1232CSA MA1232CWE MA1232ESA MA1232EWE MA1239 MA123M2B MA123TX MA1240 MA1240A1PG175C MA1241AESA MA1241ECAIT MA1242BCSA MA1247AEEE MA1247BEPE MA1249BCEE MA124M2C MA1250V23 MA1252P2DSA MA1256A12 MA125KTX MA125OTXC MA125TX MA1260062 MA12640048 MA1267T1 MA12700054PW MA12700064EBC MA1270062NL MA1270AENG MA1270H MA1271062E MA1274 MA1278 MA127C MA127M2U MA127TX MA1284BCSA MA128CT MA128TX MA1290T1 MA1295AEEI MA1298 MA12B104J MA12B154J MA12B1B MA12B2A MA12B333K MA12B682J MA12C0G2A201J MA12C104K MA12COG2A070F MA12COG2A201J MA12COG2A201J801T MA12COG2D150K801 MA12G104K MA12RTR MA12X7R MA12X7R2A MA12X7R2A270M MA12X7R2A470 MA12Z5U2A102Z MA13-1W MA13-2W MA1300 MA130AEPL MA131003161A02X3 MA131004161660 MA1310051456500 MA1310191610000N88 MA1314 MA131CPL MA1321MQE441787ZT MA1325NEC MA1326NEC MA1329A MA132AMB MA132CNG MA132ENG MA132HK MA132KM1 MA132KTX MA132SMD MA132WA MA132WK MA132WKMU MA132WKTX MA132WKTXER MA132WKTXERSSMINI MA1330 MA1331 MA1332 MA1333V MA133CQH MA133K MA133KTX MA133TX MA13441 MA134CPL MA135CPI MA13600054 MA13601024 MA136010483 MA136010485 MA136010487 MA136010542NMY MA136010546 MA1360MTA MA137 MA1370002 MA13700048E MA13700054 MA1370082 MA13700E40 MA13701026 MA137010483 MA1374SC MA137ER2 MA137TX MA137TXERSS MA137TXER2SS MA138CPL MA1392 MA139CPL MA13B104K100 MA13B224K MA13B473K MA13COG1H821J MA13FAD10000MHZ MA13TAD100000000 MA13TAD85000000 MA13TBD700000MHZ MA13X7R1H104K801 MA13X7R1H473M MA1400CAI MA1402EAI MA14060BCP MA140LSA MA14100226100WN MA14100326162WN MA141004213720 MA14100621372 MA1410062137200 MA14100626104WF MA1410122610000N2 MA1410132136100 MA141017243000018 MA14101726162W3U0 MA1410202556700 MA141022245 MA1413P MA141AMA MA141K MA141KTX MA141WA MA141WAMN MA141WK MA141WKMT MA141WKTX MA1429A MA142ACT MA142ATX MA142KG MA142KGTX) MA142KTX MA142R00ANTENNE MA142V20 MA142W000TX MA142WAMO MA142WATX) MA142WK MA142WKTX MA142WKTXSO MA1430PA MA1433 MA1434T MA143ACTX MA143ATX MA143CT MA143TR MA143TW MA143TXEY MA143WA MA1450 MA145151 MA14528BAL MA145532L MA1458 MA145BCPA MA1460CCM MA146818AP MA1478AAE MA147MS MA147TA MA147TX MA1480ACPI MA1480BCPI MA1480CEPI MA1482CPD MA1482ESD MA1483EPA MA1484EUB MA1486 MA1487CPA MA1487ECSA MA1487EESA MA1488DR2 MA1489APC MA1489PC MA1490BCPG MA14977BCL MA14C0G2A332J MA14FBD106666666 MA14L20010012 MA15-050 MA150-3 MA150045 MA15015 MA1505 MA1505090DEG MA1505P MA1506A MA15070 MA1509 MA150B MA150FV MA150MAT MA150TA5 MA150TR MA151000TW MA1510S MA15120U MA1515P2M MA151AJHTX MA151AMATX MA151ATWWMA MA151ATXPH MA151K MA151KMAT MA151KSMD MA151KTWMA MA151KTX MA151KTXSMDMAT3P MA151MK MA151W000TX MA151WAMN MA151WATX MA151WATXWMN MA151WKDTW MA151WKN202K283 MA151WKS0 MA151WKTW MA151WKTWWMT MA151WKTX)S0 MA151WKTXSMDMAT3 MA152000TW MA152050XK1 MA152100XK MA1522 MA15250276 MA152A3LB MA152ATW MA152ATX MA152ATXMB MA152K MA152KMI MA152KT MA152KTK MA152KTX MA152KTX MA152KTXE1 MA152KTXMI MA152MI MA152TXTJ MA152W000 MA152W000TX MA152WACT MA152WAMAT MA152WATRND MA152WATX MA152WATXE1 MA152WKMU MA152WKTW MA152WTX MA152X0050K MA153A MA153AMP MA153ATW MA153ATWWMP MA153ATX) MA153CMS MA153EPP MA153JH MA153K MA153MC MA153TPL MA153TWMC MA153TX MA153TXMC MA153TXWMC MA154050JU MA154ACWG MA154G3 MA154WK MA15530 MA15530GGC MA15540 MA1558HMQB MA155BCPI MA1560 MA15633PDM21BZ MA15634PDF1BW MA15634PDF1BY MA15634SDF1BZ MA156BCNG MA1578 MA157A MA157ACUA MA157AMS MA157ATX) MA157ATXSMD MA157ATXWWS MA157BEUA MA157PTX MA157TX MA15889R1 MA158K MA158P20 MA158TW MA158TX MA1590TW MA159A MA159AM1B MA159KTX MA159TW MA159TXM1A MA159TXWMA MA15AMATR MA15PLB MA15`120 MA160 MA1600EAI MA1601EA MA1606 MA160A80V MA160ATW MA160TW MA161 MA16150V225MA100M MA1616EUKT MA1617MEE MA162 MAT MA1623EAP MA1626ESA MA162A MA162MAT MA162W MA1634CAI MA1637EEET MA1639ESE MA1641EEE MA1644EAE MA164TC MA16515X18 MA1651ESA MA1653EEE MA16562223 MA1659ESA MA165AEWN MA165BCPN MA165MAT MA165T5 MA165TA5 MA165TA5KU MA165TA5VT MA165TAKU MA1665SESA MA166CCPP MA166TAAXIAL MA166TP MA1674EUA MA1675EUA MA1677EEE MA1679EUA MA167A MA167CCNG MA167TA5 MA167TAPANASONI MA1681ESA MA1684EEE MA168A MA16FAD1048576MH MA16RN MA17-2 MA1703ESE MA1706EEE MA17082PS MA170TA5 MA1715EEI MA172ACNG MA172BCNG MA172W MA17330 MA1745EUB MA174CT MA174TX MA175WATA MA176WATA MA176WKTA MA1771CSA MA1771EPA MA1771TA MA177TA MA178TA5 MA1797EUA MA17D48 MA18 MA18-2W MA18003 MA1808CG150JN402ER MA180ACPL MA180R1BT MA180R4BAN MA180R5B MA180R5BBNPL MA180R5BBNPLTR MA180R5CAN MA180R7B MA180R8BBN MA180R9B MA1810 MA18100J MA18100JBN MA18100KBN MA18100KBNPLT MA18100KMARKEDN: MA18100KMARKEDNPL MA18101JAN MA18101JT MA18101JTMA18100PF MA18101KBN MA18120J MA18120KAN MA1812CG153J500 MA1812CG270J302 MA1812CG331MN202ER MA1812X7R474KN MA1812X7R474KN50 MA1812X7R474KN500E MA1812XR104KN10 MA1812XR104KN101E MA1812XR104KN251E MA1812XR151KN2KVE MA1812XR2 MA1812XR224JN101ER MA1812XR334KN500PR MA1812XR394KN250E MA1812XR472 MA1812XR474K630ER MA1812XR474KN101P MA1812XR474M630P MA1812Z5U105M500 MA1812ZU105MN500 MA1812ZU105MN500ER MA18130F MA18150G MA18150JBN MA18150K MA18180GBN MA18180JBN MA181R0BBB MA181R0BBNMA181R0 MA181R0C MA181R2B MA181R3C MA181R5C MA181R5CBN09 MA181R6BT MA181R8CT MA181ROB MA181ROCPT MA181X100K MA18200JT MA182100XK MA18220J MA18220KAN MA1822ESAT MA18270J MA182R0C MA182R2B MA182R2CAN MA182R2CBN MA182R4B MA182R4C MA182R7CT MA182ROC MA182X0050M MA18324501A36 MA18330JAN MA18360K MA18390JT MA183R0BBN MA183R3BBN MA183R3CBN MA183R6BBB MA183R9BBN MA183R9C MA18470JAN MA184HD MA184R7B MA184R7D MA18510GBN MA1851TP MA18560JT1 MA185ACNG MA185BCWG MA185R1C MA185R6CB:MARKED MA185R6CBMARKEDNP MA185R6CMARKED MA185R6CN MA185R6JAN MA185TA5 MA18680GT MA186AEPP MA186C MA186CC50 MA186CC50KCW MA186CCWPSMD MA186CEWP MA186DCPP MA186DEAP MA186R8CAN MA186R8CBNMA186R8 MA1871 MA1871611 MA18750GBN MA187ACPA MA187BCPA MA187CEPA MA18820J MA188R2B MA188R2CBN MA188R2CMARKEDN MA188R2CMARKEDNPL MA188R2D MA188R2KAN MA188TP MA18A44DA2DSA MA18R3BBN MA1902 MA1910 MA191004325690 MA19100632369 MA1910063236900 MA191ACWG MA192ACAP MA192BCPP MA192I MA194410K MA194BCPE MA196BCNI MA196TA5 MA197AEWI MA197BCWI MA19839SI MA198M2F MA198TW MA198TXSOT23 MA199ACWI MA199BCAI MA199BCWI MA199TA5 MA199TX MA1A036251A25BC MA1A5VJ MA1B10163356900C36 MA1B124751A242 MA1B1B346101A24B MA1B32 MA1B324501A2 MA1B32470 MA1B324701A242C MA1B326251A12 MA1B344101A32BC MA1B344201A32 MA1B344501A3 MA1B344501A362C MA1B344701A12 MA1B346101A24 MA1B346101A24BC MA1B346101A27BC MA1B346151A162 MA1B346151A27BC MA1B346201A227C MA1B346201A24B MA1B346201A27BC MA1B346251A26BC MA1B944601A2 MA1BLACKHIR MA1C1200A05 MA1C145 MA1CI02MB MA1D10023250200 MA1E105MTR MA1G100J200A1 MA1G101J100A2 MA1G101J200A9 MA1G101K200A1 MA1G102J050A7 MA1G102J100A3 MA1G102K100A1 MA1G121J200A3 MA1G150J200A5 MA1G151J100A2 MA1G151K100A2 MA1G181J050A1 MA1G181J100A3 MA1G200K200A1 MA1G202J050A1 MA1G221J100A2 MA1G221K100A1 MA1G270K200A1 MA1G272K100A1 MA1G301M050A1 MA1G330J200A2 MA1G331J050A1 MA1G331K050A1 MA1G332J100A2 MA1G390J100A1 MA1G390J200A1 MA1G390J200A3 MA1G392J050A1 MA1G470J100A1 MA1G470M050A1 MA1G471J100A9 MA1G471J100B3 MA1G471K100A2 MA1G472J050A2 MA1G4R7D200A1 MA1G560J200A1 MA1G620F200A1 MA1G680F200A1 MA1G680K200A1 MA1G681J100A3 MA1G681K050A1 MA1G821J050A1 MA1H101012500 MA1H10101250000 MA1J100423562 MA1J10042356200 MA1N150 MA1PW2 MA1REDHIR MA1ROTHIR MA1SBLACK MA1SCHWAR MA1SCHWHIR MA1SRED MA1SV3A001003N MA1T326201A26 MA1T346151A82 MA1U103M050A3 MA1U103M050A5 MA1U103M050A7 MA1U103Z050A1 MA1U104 MA1U104M050A5 MA1U104M050B4 MA1U104M050C1 MA1U104M050TA MA1U104Z050A2 MA1U104Z050A4 MA1U104Z050A6 MA1U104Z050A8 MA1U152K MA1U152WA MA1U152WATX MA1U152WK MA1U154M050A1 MA1U222M025A1 MA1U333M100A1 MA1U334M050A3 MA1U473M050A2 MA1U473Z050A1 MA1U684Z050A1 MA1VQ80 MA1X003288A1 MA1X003288A12BC MA1X003744A12 MA1X004217A162C MA1X004218A16 MA1X005152A1 MA1X007361A262C MA1X008651A12 MA1X008652A1 MA1X008652A122 MA1X008953A1 MA1X008953A162J MA1X008954A12 MA1X008954A16 MA1X009087A2 MA1X102J100A4 MA1X102K100A4 MA1X102K100A8 MA1X102M050A1 MA1X102M100A4 MA1X103K050A5 MA1X103K050A9 MA1X103K050B4 MA1X103M050A1 MA1X103M050A3 MA1X104M050A2 MA1X104M050A5 MA1X123K100A1 MA1X152K100A2 MA1X154K050A1 MA1X182J100A1 MA1X182K100A2 MA1X20E2K9001 MA1X221M200A1 MA1X222J100A2 MA1X222K100A2 MA1X223K050A2 MA1X223K100A1 MA1X223M100A1 MA1X272K100A1 MA1X273K050A1 MA1X331K200A2 MA1X332K100A1 MA1X333K050A3 MA1X392K100A1 MA1X45 MA1X471M200A1 MA1X472K100A3 MA1X473J050A2 MA1X473K050A4 MA1X473K100A2 MA1X474K100A1 MA1XOO8651A122 MA1XOO8652A122 MA1Z051TX MA1Z056TX MA1Z062 MA1Z110 MA1Z150 MA1Z160 MA1Z180 MA1Z180TX18V1WMA MA1Z270TX MA1Z330 MA1Z330TXW33 MA1Z470

Part Prefix MA1 MA1- MA1:

Are Known manufacturers of this part prefix

Lead and Lead Free ROHs Part Cross Reference is Available for many devices with this prefixes.

Lead and Lead Free RoHs manufacturers Part Cross Reference:Available
Datasheets / Technical Drawings :Available in PDF format
Pictures / Images:Available in JPG or GIF format
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Engineering Support:Available
Material Management Programs:Available

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motsupply is an Independent Electronic Component distributor specializing in Motorola Hard to Find, obsolete, discontinued and allocated electronic components. Located in the USA we sell and buy lead and lead free device domestically and abroad. With 24 hour quote response and the ability to ship over 90 percent of our orders the SAME day we are positioned to serve your requirements! We buy and sell hard to find electronic components with a focus on signal processing, analog, mixed signal, amplifiers, power management, MCU 2000 , controler's, Low and high power, AC, DC, converts, logic and micro-controlers.

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