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motsupply is a independent distributor of production quantities MC0 components including Hard-to-Find Motorola MA-COM Freescale and ON Semi Electronic Components. Located in the USA we buy and sell obsolete, discontinued electronic components domestically and abroad. With 24 hour quote response and the ability to ship over 90 percent of our orders the SAME day we are positioned to serve you!

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Lead and Lead Free ROHs Part Cross Reference is Available for many devices with this prefixes.

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MC0.57G2.5BK MC000090 MC00012140D MC000134 MC0002H883 MC0003 MC0003H883 MC000409 MC00050448AOBSO MC0005C MC00066 MC00081B MC000C2B37PS MC000MH MC001 MC00116HT7 MC0012A MC001400 MC00151001SP MC0016C2T MC001700 MC0018 MC0019A MC001R MC0020 MC0020A MC0021 MC0021A MC0022UF16VY5VZ MC0024A MC002500 MC0026 MC0026BGBJC MC0026S MC002800 MC002900 MC002FLSA MC003 MC0032 MC00336 MC0033UF630V MC003400 MC0034DMIL MC0034HMIL MC0035B2B MC0035D2T MC0040 MC0046 MC0048 MC004A07G5TAP MC004FLSA-15 MC004FLSA20 MC004FLSP1525S MC00507A MC00518 MC00528901 MC005501 MC005800 MC005A29 MC005B MC005BK106358955 MC005CL MC005CLSLP MC006000 MC0061 MC00672519A MC0082 MC0085 MC008BCP MC00901FN MC0096022609NC MC009Q MC00L1NCQF MC00L1NZQD MC00L3NZQF MC010025PF5 MC010174LP MC0105 MC010681155 MC01068116 MC0108 MC010A1 MC010ALUC MC010B MC010BK MC010C MC010CL MC010EZHUFX680 MC010GE0104KEN MC01100 MC0110032000MHZ MC0110048000MHZ MC011219 MC011290 MC0113 MC011317 MC011336C MC011351 MC011467 MC011569 MC0116 MC01205BEB MC0120A MC0124P MC012608 MC012FAD18432 MC013003 MC013073 MC0131 MC0135 MC0138 MC01402P MC01425A MC01425B147456MH MC01425B16005MHZ MC01425B18M MC01425B18M432 MC01425B4096MHZ MC01425B50000MCT MC01425B64000M MC01425BTA MC01425BTA4096 MC01425BTA800000 MC01425BTA800000MHZ MC01435B MC01435CA MC014447G MC014449C MC014FCD200 MC014FCD200000KHZ MC01500 MC01500A33000 MC01500B MC01500B16000MHZ MC0150C2 MC01510A16384MHZ MC01510AC8192MHZ MC01510ATA4M096 MC01510BC MC0153660 MC0155 MC015C104KAB MC015E104MAA MC015MOAD MC016019 MC016024A MC0161 MC01610A1776MHZ MC01610ATC32768 MC01610ATC32768MH MC01610ATC32768MHZQ MC01610B MC01610BTB MC01610BTB12288MH MC01610BTB14 MC01610BTB14M3181 MC01610BTB24.000MHZ MC01610BTB24000M MC01610BTB24000MHZ MC01610BX24M57612 MC01630C3 MC01630C32000MHZ MC01633-1 MC0164 MC01640BCTC MC01640C5000 MC01640CTB MC016FLSC15 MC0171 MC0178 MC017866 MC017FB MC0181 MC0190 MC0192 MC0194 MC0196 MC0198 MC01GD MC01GS MC01H160P MC01LDV MC01MZSF3921 MC01MZSJ152 MC01NB MC01SDV MC01SS MC01TS MC01UF MC01W080551K MC01X06VIAS180 MC020025PF5 MC0201 MC0206S100K MC0206S1R8K MC0206ST1R2KS MC0206ST2R7KS MC020FLSP MC020G03B MC020G03MW MC021212 MC021310 MC0219 MC0222237018104 MC0223 MC0227 MC022A MC022LVAP MC022UF10VX7RM060 MC022UF50VY5VZ080 MC0232259301516 MC0232273061131 MC0232273560229 MC023FAD18432MHZ MC0244 MC0249 MC024D132 MC024D166 MC024D234 MOTOROLA MC024PP MC02501S MC02501SQU36864M MC0251A MC0258 MC025AB2A MC025E474ZAB MC02610ST MC0262 MC0269 MC026C105KAA MC0274 MC027X1017 MC028192MHZ MC0286 MC0289 MC028BCP MC0293 MC02AF100400ISS MC02AF400800 MC02AF400800ISS4 MC02AF401100ISS MC02B104FELCONELCO MC02B105F MC02B105F1ELCONEL MC02B105G MC02F33VZ68 MC02JTN16V220 MC02KTF16V104 MC02RH006DL01 MC02SQLC MC02TD MC02YC473KAA MC030025PF5 MC03000 MC03030 MC03040 MC03050VGRM40CJ03 MC0308 MC0310537L MC03130W MC0317 MC0327 MC032A MC0330 MC0330INDUTOR MC03316400DMTANDR MC0335 MC0339 MC033UF400V5 MC034064 MC034164 MC034A MC034X5015 MC034X501544736MHZ MC034X501951.840 MC034X5025 MC034X504144M736 MC035X5.00744.736MHZ MC035X5007 MC035X500744736 MC035X500744736MHZ MC035X5024 MC035X5040 MC0366 MC0368 MC0372DP1 MC0372DPI MC0374 MC037X1004 MC0385 MC0396 MC039A1003 MC03AE100001ISS MC03AF100003 MC03AF100601ISS MC03AF100804ISS MC03AF100805 MC03AF100805ISS5 MC03AF100809ISS MC03AF100810 MC03AF100817 MC03AF100817ISS5 MC03AF100818ISS MC03AF100902 MC03AF100902ISS4 MC03AF100903ISS MC03AL100418ISS MC03AX1 MC03AX100401 MC03AX100602 MC03AX101300 MC03D46 MC03EZHJ564 MC03EZPFX4992 MC03GS MC03KTF10V334 MC03L1NCG MC03L1NZQF MC03PTLRFB MC03YC105KAA MC03ZC334KAA MC040025PF50 MC04006A MC0401 MC04021004FRT7 MC04021100FT MC04021302FT MC04021500JT MC04022002FT MC04022490FT MC04022701JT MC04024022FT MC040249R9FT MC040260R4FT MC04028201JT MC04029763FT101 MC0404 MC04050VGRM40CH04 MC0406 MC040B MC04100 MC0410S101J MC0412 MC0416 MC0424 MC042X1 MC042X1022 MC042X1025 MC042X5 MC0431 MC0441 MC0443 MC0445 MC044D MC044X5 MC044X5003 MC044X500327300 MC044X500327300MHZ MC044X5005 MC044X501232768M MC044X5018 MC044X5035 MC044X504413.000MHZ MC044X505310 MC044X505310700 MC044X505310700MHZ MC044X5066 MC044X506639168MHZ MC044X507526 MC044X507526112 MC044X5076 MC044X507620480MHZ MC044X5095 MC044X5126 MC044X5175 MC044X519134368 MC044X519134368MHZ MC045000000MO0 MC04510.0000MHZ MC0452 MC0454 MC045HS2C36864MHZ MC0461 MC0466 MC046X5-017 MC046X5015 MC046X5022 MC046X5022786432 MC046X5022786432MHZ MC046X5030 MC046X5031S MC046X5045 MC0470 MC0474 MC04799K MC047UF100VCHIP MC047UF16VY5VZ080 MC047X5 MC047X5011 MC047X501144736MHZ MC047X5023 MC047X502332768M MC047X5024 MC047X502544736 MC047X502544736MH MC047X5038 MC047X504740960 MC047X504740960MH MC047X5048 MC047X5055 MC047X5055HOLD@S MC047X50595.5262MHZ MC047X505955262MHZ MC047X50611612 MC047X5062 MC047X5068 MC0485 MC048X5003 MC048X5005 MC048X50121555 MC048X5012155520M MC048X5016 MC0490016R7F01A MC049001K78FO MC0490028KFO1A2 MC04900324RFO1A MC049003K74F0 MC0491017K4FO1A MC049101N33F01A MC049101R5FO1A2 MC0491026K7FO1A MC04910287KF0 MC049102R15FO1A2 MC049103M01F01 MC049103M83F01A2 MC04910604KF01 MC049X5 MC049X500351.840MHZ MC049X50047776 MC049X50047776MH MC049X5005 MC049X5021 MC049X5040 MC04A0349 MC04AF100400 MC04AF101100ISS MC04AS200000ISS MC04C00120KCB MC04C00150KAB MC04C00339CHB MC04C00470000HB MC04C00470KHB MC04C00569DAB MC04C00689DAB MC04CD0270JHB MC04CE0100J MC04CE0100KHB MC04CE0110J MC04CE0120KHB MC04CE0130J MC04CE0150JHB MC04CE0150KCDTPC MC04CE0160J MC04CE0180JCD MC04CE0180KHB MC04CE0200J MC04CE0200JHBTPC MC04CE0220JCB MC04CE0220JHB MC04CE0220KCD MC04CE0220KHB MC04CE0229C MC04CE0229D MC04CE0240J MC04CE0240JHBTPC MC04CE0270JCDTPC MC04CE0279C MC04CE0300J MC04CE0300JHBTPC MC04CE0330J MC04CE0330JCDTPC MC04CE0330K MC04CE0330KHBTPC MC04CE0339CCD MC04CE0339CHB MC04CE0339FHB MC04CE0360JHB MC04CE0390J MC04CE0390JCDTPC MC04CE0399CAA MC04CE0399DHBTPC MC04CE0470000CD MC04CE0470JCB MC04CE0470JCDTPC MC04CE0470K MC04CE0470KCDTPC MC04CE0479C MC04CE0479CCDTPC MC04CE0560JCD MC04CE0560K MC04CE0569D MC04CE0689C MC04CE0689DHB MC04CE1479G MC04CE1879G MC04CE3839G MC04G00122K MC04GD0221K MC04GE0102K MC04GE0102KCB MC04GE0102KCDTPC MC04GE0102KHBTPC MC04GE0103KHB MC04GE0152KCD MC04GE0152KHB MC04GE0182K MC04GE0222KCD MC04GE0222KHB MC04GE0222M MC04GE0332K MC04GE0332KCD MC04GE0332KHB MC04GE0392K MC04GE0392KCDTPC MC04GE0471KCB MC04GE0471KCDTPC MC04GE0471M MC04GE0561K MC04GE0681K MC04GE0681KCDTPC MC04GE0681KHBTPC MC04PAH MC04TD750 MC04X7R392K50NT MC04YC102KAA MC04YC222KAA MC04Z00222MCB MC050025PF50 MC050152JN0805TM MC05020127RFO MC05020154RFO MC050201K1FO MC05020237KFO MC050202K26FO MC0502030K9F0 MC05020316KFO MC05020365KFO MC05020383RFO MC050203R9JO MC05020412KFO MC0502042K2FO MC0502053K6FO MC0502054K9FO MC050205K36FO MC0502062RFO MC05020665RFO MC05020750RJO MC0502096K8JC MC050209K76FO MC0502634KFO MC05030127RFO MC0503012R1FO MC05030158KFO MC05030169RFO MC05030182RFO MC05030196RFO MC05030205KFO MC0503026K1FO MC05030316KFO MC05030360RJO MC05030430KJO MC05030487KFO MC0503060R4FO MC0503080K6FO MC050308R2JO MC0503097R6FO MC0504 MC05050VGRM40CH05 MC0507 MC050D MC050FC3C MC0512101J MC0512S820J MC0513 MC05130160RJO MC05130240RJO MC05130680KJO MC0513091KJO MC0516 MC0520 MC052037 MC0521PRO MC052237 MC052855 MC052925 MC0530 MC0538 MC0544 MC0548 MC0554 MC0558 MC0562 MC0573 MC0576 MC05776 MC057G2.5BK MC0580 MC0583 MC0584 MC0587 MC05871 MC0590 MC0598 MC05C-400E1205 MC05C00181K MC05C00221KCB MC05C00560J MC05C00680KCB MC05C3 MC05C3NDN MC05C5111FS MC05C7031333 MC05CD0151JHB MC05CE0101J MC05CE0101JCD MC05CE0101JHB MC05CE0101KHB MC05CE0121J MC05CE0151000 MC05CE0151JHB MC05CE0151KTPC MC05CE0181J MC05CE0221J MC05CE0221JCD MC05CE0221JHB MC05CE0221KCD MC05CE0221KHB MC05CE0510JHB MC05CE0560JCD MC05CE0560K MC05CE0680J MC05CE0680JHB MC05CE0820J MC05CE0910JHB MC05CE1620F MC05F3X MC05GE0103K MC05GE0103KCB MC05GE0103KCD MC05GE0103KHB MC05GE0103M MC05GE0472K MC05GE0472KCD MC05GE0472KHB MC05GE0472MCB MC05GE0562K MC05GE0682KCB MC05GT MC05J3 MC05KTF25V105 MC05Z00472MCB MC05ZE0472KHB MC06005PF50V MC0601 MC06030005T MC060310 MC06031000FT MC06031001 MC06031001FT MC060310021 MC06031002JT MC06031003FT MC06031004FT MC0603100K MC0603100OHM1T MC06031021FT MC06031023FT MC06031025T MC0603103JB MC0603104JT MC060310JT MC060310KJT MC060310OHM5T MC060310R0F MC060310R0FT MC060310W1242 FT MC060310W1400 FT MC0603110K1 MC0603113JT MC06031182F MC0603120R5 MC06031212FT MC0603122JT MC06031243F MC060312W MC06031300F MC06031316KRE500 MC0603132JT MC0603134JT MC06031433FT MC0603150 MC06031501F MC06031502FT MC0603151JT MC0603153JT MC060315K MC06031605 MC0603164JT MC06031691FT MC060316R2FT MC06031805 MC06031825 MC06031873F MC06031KO MC06031MO MC06032 MC06032001F MC06032002FT MC060320K1 MC06032151F MC06032210FT MC06032211FT MC06032215 MC0603222JT MC0603223JT MC06032371FT MC0603241JT MC06032432F MC0603243OHM1T MC06032491F MC06032493F MC06032551FT MC06032613FT MC060326R1FT MC06032715 MC0603274KOHM1T MC060327K4116W1 MC060327OHM5T MC06032941FT MC06032R20JT MC06033010FT MC06033012FT MC06033015 MC060330R1F MC06033160F MC06033321FT MC06033325 MC0603332KOHM1T MC0603333JT MC060333KOHM5T MC060333R5 MC06033401FT MC06033403FT MC06033615 MC06033832FT MC0603392KOHM1T MC0603394JT MC06033R74FT MC06034021FT MC06034221FT MC0603432R116W1 MC060343K MC06034421F MC06034532F MC06034641F MC0603471JT MC0603474JT MC06034750F MC06034751TR MC0603475OHM1T MC060347KOHM5T MC06034990FT MC06034992FT MC060349R9FT MC0603510JT MC06035111FT MC0603512JR MC0603516K MC0603516KTR MC06035231FT MC0603549R MC0603562JT MC060356R0JT MC06035900FT MC06035901TR MC06036040FT MC060360R4F MC0603620J MC0603621JT MC0603623JT MC060368 MC06036810FT MC0603681JT MC0603683JT MC06037503F MC0603753JT MC060375R0FT MC060380611PCT MC060380621 MC06038251F MC060382OHM5T MC06038451FT MC060384K5116W MC06038662FT MC0603912JT MC0603953 MC06039531F MC06039531TR MC0603JR07 MC0603T MC0603VSV104Z25TRP MC0603X7R153K MC0603X7R222K MC0607 MC0610 MC06113D54HQQMK MC0613 MC0615 MC0617 MC061A10514194304MHZ MC061A105711059200 MC061A107064M MC0623 MC0625 MC0629 MC0631 MC0635 MC0637 MC0639 MC0640202 MC0643 MC0647 MC0649 MC0650 MC0658 MC065978H MC065983C MC065990E MC065992A MC065995F MC065999R MC065A1034 MC065A1054 MC065N0R5C MC065N120J MC065N150J MC065N180J MC065N1R2C MC065N1R8C MC065N221J MC065N271J MC065N2R7C MC065N331J MC065N3R3C MC065N470J MC065N4R7C MC065N5R6D MC065N6R8D MC065N8R2D MC065X102K MC065X122K MC065X392K MC066001G MC0661PC MC0665 MC0668 MC0673 MC0675 MC0677 MC0681 MC0682021 MC0686 MC0689 MC068A1007 MC0692 MC0698 MC06CY020D MC06CY050D MC06KX200300ISS MC06KX201300 MC06L1NNZQF MC06M4B0A1 MC07005PF50 MC07001BCA MC0703 MC07050B MC07050BDIP8 MC0706 MC0708 MC07100A MC07100A480000MH MC07100B400000 MC07116 MC07116W MC0714 MC0717 MC0720 MC0722 MC0725 MC0726 MC0728 MC072L MC073003 MC0732 MC0738 MC0744 MC0747 MC075102TR MC075502 MC0756K MC0759 MC0761 MC0766 MC0768 MC0770M MC0772 MC0774 MC0776 MC0779 MC0781 MC0784 MC0786 MC0788 MC0790 MC07906BEA MC0792 MC0795 MC0797 MC0799 MC07AX100300 MC07GD MC07LD MC0800550VT MC08005PF50V MC0800805100K1TR MC08020000 MC0802A-SGR MC0802BSGL MC0803RC25B MC0805 MC08050005 MC08050B16M MC08050VGRM40UJ08 MC08051.5K5 MC080510001 MC08051000471 MC08051000JT MC080510011 MC08051001JT MC08051002 MC080510021TR MC08051002FT MC08051003 MC08051003JT MC08051004FT MC08051005 MC08051005JT MC0805100E5 MC0805100K1 MC0805100K1TE MC0805100K5 MC0805100KOHM1TEP MC0805100MOHM1T MC0805100OHM1TEP MC0805100R5 MC08051015T MC0805101TE MC080510211 MC0805102JT MC080510305T MC08051035T MC08051045 MC08051050FT MC08051053FT MC08051055 MC0805105OHM1TE MC0805105OHM1TEPL MC08051073FT MC080510K1T MC080510OHM1TE MC080510OHM1TEPL MC080510R01TR MC080510R0JT MC080510W1211FT MC080510W1213FT MC080510W1472 FT MC080510W1503 FT MC080510W1692 FT MC080510W19R1FT MC080510W6811FT MC080510W75R0 FT MC08051101F MC080511021 MC08051103FT MC0805110MTR MC08051135T MC080511501T MC08051151TE MC0805115K1 MC0805115OHM1TE MC0805115OHM1TEPL MC080511R81 MC0805120OHM5TE MC0805120OHM5TEPL MC08051210FT MC08051211TE MC08051215T MC0805121K1TE MC0805121KOHM1TE MC0805121OHM1TE MC0805121OHM1TEPL MC0805122JRT1 MC080512401 MC08051241FT MC08051243FRT1 MC080512721 MC080512R0JT MC0805130K1TE MC0805130KOHM1TEP MC0805130OHM1TEP MC08051315 MC0805132JRT1 MC08051333 MC0805133K1TE MC0805133KOHM1TE MC080513701 MC08051371TE MC0805137OHM1TEP MC08051401FT MC080514K1TE MC080514KOHM1TEP MC080515001 MC08051501FT MC08051502FT MC08051503 MC08051503FT MC0805150JT MC0805150OHM1TE MC0805150OHM1TEPL MC0805151TE MC08051525T MC08051535 MC080515821 MC080515K5 MC080515KOHM1TE MC080515KOHM1TEPL MC080515OHM1TEP MC080515R0FT MC080515ROJ MC080516221 MC0805162KFT MC08051653 MC08051653FT MC080516921 MC080516R5 MC0805170FRT1 MC080517811T MC08051781FT MC08051782 MC0805178K1 MC0805178K1TR MC0805178OHM1TEP MC080517R4FT MC080518.0_OHM5T MC08051805 MC0805180JRT1 MC0805180_OHM5T MC0805181JRT1 MC0805182 MC080518201 MC080518211 MC08051821TE MC08051822FT MC0805182JT1 MC0805182KFT MC0805182KOHM1TE MC0805182OHM1T MC0805182OHM1TEP MC0805182OHM1TP MC0805182OHMFT MC080518721 MC08051963 MC080519R6FT MC08051A100KATMA MC08051A220JATMA MC08051K1 MC08051K1TR MC08051K78 MC08051KOHM1TEP MC08051M1T MC08051M5 MC08051MOHM1TE MC08051MOHM1TEPL MC08051MOHM1TPT MC08051R00JT MC08051R43FT MC08051U910JATMA MC08052.2K5 MC08052.4M5 MC08052000JT MC08052001FT MC080520021 MC08052002FT MC08052002FT=RK73H MC08052002FTTR=RK7 MC08052003JT MC08052005T MC08052025 MC08052035 MC0805204JT MC080520531 MC080520KF MC080520KOHM1TE MC080520KOHM1TEPL MC080520R0FT MC080521011 MC080521031 MC08052152FT MC08052200JT MC08052204FT MC08052210FT MC080522111T MC08052211TE MC08052212FT MC08052215T MC0805221K1T MC0805221KOHM1T MC0805221KOHM1TEP MC0805221OHM1TE MC0805221OHM1TEPL MC08052235T MC08052260FT MC08052262FT MC080522K5 MC080523211 MC08052371FT MC080523721 MC0805237OHM1TE MC0805237OHM1TEPL MC08052400JT MC08052430F MC0805243JT MC0805249 MC080524901 MC08052491FT MC080524921 MC08052493FT MC0805249OHM1 MC0805249OHM1TE MC0805249OHM1TEPL MC080524K5 MC080524M5 MC080524R91 MC08052611 MC08052611TE MC0805261OHM1TE MC0805261OHM1TEPL MC080526711 MC08052671TE MC0805267OHM1TE MC0805267OHM1TEPL MC0805267OHM1TPT MC080526R7 MC080527001TR MC08052700JT MC08052705 MC08052715T MC08052725T MC08052735T MC08052742FT MC080527R0JT MC08052803 MC08052871FT MC08052940FT MC08052941TE MC0805294OHM1TEP MC08052K MC08052K5 MC08052KOHM1TEP MC08052OHM1T MC08052R20JT MC08052R37FT MC08053.3K5 MC08053010 MC08053010FT MC08053011DT MC08053011FT MC08053013FT MC0805301K1TE MC0805301KOHM1TE MC0805301OHM1TE MC0805301OHM1TEPL MC08053035 MC08053055T MC080531611 MC08053300JT MC08053302JT MC0805330R MC08053315 MC0805331JRT1 MC0805332 MC080533201 MC08053321 MC08053321TE MC08053325 MC0805332K1 MC0805332K1TE MC0805332KFT MC0805332KOHM1TE MC0805332OHM1 MC0805332OHM1TE MC0805332OHM1TEPL MC08053335T MC0805334JT MC080533K5TR MC080533R2 MC080533R2FT MC08053403 MC08053481F MC08053571TE MC0805357OHM1TE MC0805357OHM1TEPL MC08053605 MC080537421 MC0805374OHM1TEP MC080537R4FT MC08053900JT MC08053905 MC08053920FT MC08053921TE MC08053922FT MC0805392OHM1TE MC0805392OHM1TEPL MC08053935T MC080539K5 MC080539R21 MC08053K48 MC08054021FT MC0805402K1T MC0805402KOHM1T MC0805402KOHM1TEP MC0805402OHM1TE MC0805402OHM1TEPL MC08054221FT MC08054305 MC08054321FT MC08054325 MC0805432OHM1TE MC0805432OHM1TEPL MC080544201 MC080544221 MC0805453KOHM1T MC0805453KOHM1TEP MC080546411 MC080546421 MC080546R4FT MC08054702FT MC08054705 MC0805471JT MC08054725T MC08054735T MC080547501 MC080547511 MC08054751TE MC0805475K1TE MC0805475KOHM1TE MC0805475OHM1TE MC0805475OHM1TEPL MC080547K MC080547M5 MC080547OHM5TEP MC080547R0JT MC0805487KOHM1T MC0805487KOHM1TEP MC08054990FT MC080549921 MC080549931 MC0805499K1 MC0805499K1TR MC080549R91 MC08054K02 MC08054R99FTTC MC080551 MC08055101JT MC08055105 MC0805510JTCR0805 MC08055110FT MC08055111FT MC080551121 MC08055113 MC0805511JT MC0805511KOHM1T MC0805511KOHM1TEP MC0805511OHM1TEP MC08055125 MC08055135T MC080551K MC080551OHM5 MC080551R11T MC0805522KTR MC0805523OHM1TE MC0805523OHM1TEPL MC08055360TR MC08055491F MC08055601J MC08055620FT MC08055623 MC08055625T MC0805562KOHM1T MC0805562KOHM1TEP MC080556KJT MC08055760FT MC08055761T MC08055763FT MC0805576OHM1TE MC0805576OHM1TEPL MC0805576OHM1TPT MC08055903 MC08055R60JT MC080560411 MC08056041DT08056 MC08056042 MC08056042FT MC0805604OHM1TEP MC08056191FT MC080561921 MC0805619OHM1TEP MC080561R91 MC08056341 MC080563431 MC0805634OHM1T MC08056493FT MC08056800FT MC08056801JT MC0805680JT MC08056810FT MC08056813 MC08056815 MC0805681K1TE MC0805681KOHM1TE MC0805681OHM1TE MC0805681OHM1TEPL MC080568R11 MC08057151FT MC0805715OHM1TE MC0805715OHM1TEPL MC080571R5FT MC080575001 MC08057500JT MC08057501FT MC08057501JT MC080575021 MC08057505 MC0805750OHM1TE MC0805750OHM1TEPL MC080575K1 MC080575K1TE MC080575K5 MC080575KOHM1TEP MC080575OHM5 MC080575R0FT MC08057682FT MC080578R7 MC08058061 MC080580621 MC08058205 MC08058225T MC080582511 MC0805825K1TE MC0805825KOHM1TE MC0805825KOHM1TP MC080582R0JT MC080584511 MC08058452FT MC0805845OHM1TEP MC08058661T MC08058662F MC0805866OHM1TE MC0805866OHM1TEPL MC0805866OHM1TPT MC080590901 MC080590911 MC08059091TE MC08059092FT MC0805909KOHM1T MC0805909KOHM1TEP MC0805909OHM1TEP MC08059105 MC08059115T MC0805913JT MC08059310FT MC0805931K1TE MC0805931KOHM1TE MC0805931KOHM1TP MC0805953OHM1TE MC0805953OHM1TEPL MC080595R3FT MC0805BULKXA1 MC0805CG681JDSTR MC0805G100K050N MC0805G101J050RR MC0805G102J050 MC0805G470J100RL MC0805K102KN500 MC0805N221J MC0805N221JN101T MC0805N270JP500TR MC0805N470JP500 MC0805NPO120J MC0805NPO330J MC0805NPO3R3J MC0805NPO681J50TR MC0805R470FT MC0805U103M050RL MC0805U104M050RL MC0805X102K050RR MC0805X104K050RL MC0805X7R153K MC0805X7R472M MC0805X7R473M MC0806 MC0808PS MC081 MC0810016000 MC0810016257MHZ MC0810036864MHZ MC0810030000MHZ MC0810031667MHZXTA MC0810032000MHZ100 MC0810033300MHZ MC0810036575MHZ100 MC08100481766MHZ10 MC08100MC08100 MC0814 MC081973 MC0821 MC0826 MC0829 MC082F104FZ MC082X104K MC08310015 MC08330PF5100V MC0837 MC0840 MC0845 MC0847 MC0851 MC0852 MC0852L MC085N010C MC085N1R5C MC085N271J MC085N3R9C MC085N561J MC085N820J MC085X473K MC08600480000MHG MC086005 MC08600590000MHZ MC0871 MC0878 MC0883QS MC0890 MC0894 MC0897 MC08A100D MC08C00331K MC08CA030D MC08CA060D MC08CA1000 MC08CA100DCORNELLC MC08CD0271JHB MC08CE0271JDD MC08CE0271K MC08CE0331J MC08CE0331JDDTPC MC08CE0332F MC08CE0391K MC08CE0471JDD MC08CE0471K MC08CE0471KDDTPC MC08CE0621J MC08CE0681JDD MC08CE0681K MC08CE3240F MC08EA150J MC08EA200J MC08EA200JMC08EA2 MC08EA241J MC08EA270JT MC08FA430J MC08G00333000 MC08G00333M MC08GD0104KDB MC08GD0104KDDTPC MC08GD0105M MC08GD0224K MC08GD0473KDDTPC MC08GD0683KDD MC08GD0823K MC08GE0123MHB MC08GE0153M MC08GE0223KDB MC08GE0223KDDTPC MC08GE0333KDD MC08GE0333M MC08KGT39 MC08LD MC08TSRA MC0900 MC0911 MC0916 MC09185206323 MC0921 MC0924 MC09301Q MC09322250 MC09332250 MC093A1001 MC093A1009 MC096012 MC0960123 MC0960202 MC0960422 MC099A1001 MC09L1NCGD MC0BB2 MC0CAT MC0D055 MC0MHZ MC0N1007MEI MC0S53AC33000 MC0S53AC33000MHZ MC0S55BX MC0S55BX1536 MC0T1S312000MHZ MC0T1S350000M MC0T1S350000MHZ

Part Prefix MC0 MC0- MC0:

Are Known manufacturers of this part prefix

Lead and Lead Free ROHs Part Cross Reference is Available for many devices with this prefixes.

Lead and Lead Free RoHs manufacturers Part Cross Reference:Available
Datasheets / Technical Drawings :Available in PDF format
Pictures / Images:Available in JPG or GIF format
Price:Quoted in US dollars ($)
Engineering Support:Available
Material Management Programs:Available

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motsupply is an Independent Electronic Component distributor specializing in Motorola Hard to Find, obsolete, discontinued and allocated electronic components. Located in the USA we sell and buy lead and lead free device domestically and abroad. With 24 hour quote response and the ability to ship over 90 percent of our orders the SAME day we are positioned to serve your requirements! We buy and sell hard to find electronic components with a focus on signal processing, analog, mixed signal, amplifiers, power management, MCU 2000 , controler's, Low and high power, AC, DC, converts, logic and micro-controlers.

 With a low cost business model we can offer you the 'Best Price' the first time, engineering support, Lead to Lead Free ROHs Part Cross Reference technical datasheets, and more.  Search our inventory on-line, e-mail us

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