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motsupply is a independent distributor of production quantities MC5 components including Hard-to-Find Motorola MA-COM Freescale and ON Semi Electronic Components. Located in the USA we buy and sell obsolete, discontinued electronic components domestically and abroad. With 24 hour quote response and the ability to ship over 90 percent of our orders the SAME day we are positioned to serve you!

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Lead and Lead Free ROHs Part Cross Reference is Available for many devices with this prefixes.

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MC5123L MC5125670B MC512842010PFV MC512842010PFVGBN MC512FB2 MC512L MC5131L MC51320P MC5134 MC514 MC5141F MC5142 MC514256 MC514256AJ MC514256AJ70 MC514256AJ80R2 MC514256AP80 MC514256AZ10 MC514256Z10 MC514258AZ8 MC514265CLJ7 MC5143F MC5144 MC514400ANJ80 MC5145407DW MC5149KEYBOARD MC514L MC51510000MHZ MC5151F MC5151FB2 MC5151L MC5152N MC5153F MC5156 MC5156BMNEW MC5156P MC515BABJC MC515F MC515FD MC5160P MC5162D1MM MC516400J60 MC516445B MC516470B MC516470BINT MC5164B MC5164B70 MC516D476M025LL7B MC516FB2 MC516L MC5170CQ MC517400DT60 MC5177 MC5180679T04 MC518160AJ70 MC5181F MC5181FBL MC5183F MC5183L MC5189629002 MC5192 MC5193L MC51956BL MC5197 MC51995P MC519F MC519L MC51A33D1R2 MC51A4575 MC51ACN33 MC51B152K MC51C26210 MC51C33DR2 MC51C9835B MC51C9855 MC51C9855B MC51J51PFTP5MM MC51W16400BS6RFB MC52016P MC52032 MC52037SP MC5204PU16 MC5205 MC5206ECFT40 MC5206FT33A MC520950BS MC5209BM99SO8 MC520F MC520FB2R MC520L MC5211 MC521FB2 MC521L MC5220 MC52256AB9BA80 MC5228 MC522F MC522L MC5230D MC52390FP MC523FB MC523FD MC5240 MC524AG11D MC524FB2 MC52552.5M5 MC52561 MC525BABJC MC525F MC525L596201525L5 MC526F MC526L MC52743BSP MC5278CJ25 MC527F MC527L MC5280A MC5285 MC528F MC529 MC529F MC529FB2R MC529L MC52N400 MC52O6CFT25 MC5300 MC5310 MC5313 MC5313A MC53164 MC53181Z MC53201FN MC5333 MC5335B MC5336B MC5339 MC534072DR2 MC5343RIRFB MC5347 MC534A402 MC534H528P4 MC535142483 MC5359 MC5362 MC5366 MC536U MC537435001 MC5378C MC5380 MC538418DBPP450 MC538418DBPP45 MC538418DBPP MC5386 MC538P00120B MC53DFC MC53SMD14 MC53SW12060 MC54 F 244DMQB MC540.21 MC5400 DATA SHEET MC5400DATASHEET MC5400J MC5400JT MC5400L MC5400LH MC5401 MC5401F MC5402 MC54021 MC5402J MC5403DP MC5403LH MC5403LS MC5404AJ MC5404J MC5404L MC5405F MC5405LH3 MC5406BCB MC5406D MC5406F MC54074D MC5407BCBS MC5407L MC5408F MC5408L MC5409 MC5409L MC5410 MC54100AN70 MC54100AZ70 MC54107 MC54107JT MC54107L MC5410BCBJ MC5410L MC5411C27 MC54121BCA MC54121L MC54122L MC54123L MC5412L MC54136F MC5413BCBJ MC5414 MC54145F MC5414F MC54150 MC54150ALM MC54151F MC54156F MC54157 MC54157DEBS MC54160 MC54161L MC54163 MC54165L MC54174F MC54175 MC54175JT MC5417F MC54180F MC54181 MC54181L MC5418N MC54192L MC54193L MC54194L MC541A MC5420 MC5420F MC5420L MC5421 MC5422L MC5425DCBS MC5425L MC54260BJ70DR2 MC5427 MC5427F MC5428N MC542L mc5430 MC5430JM MC54365PC MC5437BCBJC MC5437L MC5438F MC5438N MC5440 MC54400AN80 MC5440DMQB MC5440J MC54413 MC544162 MC54416P MC54418L MC5442 MC5442F MC5443L MC54450L MC54453L MC5445L MC5447 MC5448N MC544C137J MC544L8 MC54503C MC5450F MC5451 MC5451F MC54520B1 MC5452P MC5453L MC5454 MC5454L MC5458N MC545ON MC546A MC5470 MC5470L MC5472 MC5472L MC5473F MC5473L MC5474BCBS MC5474HC00AJN MC5474HC132AD MC5474HC4060AD MC5475 MC5475F MC5476DMQB MC5476L MC5478N MC5479L MC547C MC548 MC548000AT70 MC54800AJ70R MC5480L MC5483F MC5485F MC5486 MC5486L MC549054 MC5490AL MC5490L MC5492L MC5493ABCBJC MC5493F MC5493L MC5495 MC5495AL MC5495L MC5496F MC5498N MC54AC02 MC54AC041 MC54AC08 MC54AC109ENG MC54AC125AJ MC54AC132 MC54AC14D MC54AC153 MC54AC160 MC54AC201 MC54AC2525X1 MC54AC27JD MC54AC32 MC54AC374 MC54AC5211 MC54AC564ENG MC54AC623 MC54ACT001 MC54ACT041 MC54ACT10 MC54ACT11 MC54ACT139 MC54ACT157 MC54ACT163 MC54ACT175 MC54ACT245 MC54ACT257 MC54ACT350 MC54ACT533 MC54ACT574 MC54ACT623 MC54ACT643 MC54ACT648 MC54AHCT244DB MC54AL586JBCAJC MC54ALS04AJ MC54C163AJ MC54C32J MC54F00 MC54F00BCBJC MC54F00JMOT91 MC54F02 MC54F02D MC54F02JMOT89 MC54F04BDAJC MC54F04BCAJC MC54F04BDAJC MC54F04J MC54F08 MC54F08BDBJC MC54F08J74F08 MC54F109BEAJC MC54F109J MC54F10JMOT88 MC54F112J MC54F11J MC54F126J MC54F132J MC54F138MC54F138J MC54F1391 MC54F139F MC54F14 MC54F14J MC54F151ADC MC54F151JMOT87 MC54F153J MC54F157 MC54F157ABEAJC MC54F157AMB2AJC MC54F158J MC54F161L MC54F163 MC54F174 MC54F174BEBJC MC54F174JMOT91 MC54F175J MC54F175JMOT91 MC54F175N MC54F182 MC54F182J MC54F194J MC54F20 MC54F20J MC54F240BRAJC MC54F240BRAJC MC54F240N MC54F240YBDGAQMOTO MC54F241J MC54F243F MC54F244 MC54F244BRA MC54F244DMQB MC54F244J91 MC54F2451 MC54F245J MC54F251 MC54F251BEAJC MC54F251J MC54F253J MC54F257J MC54F280DMQB MC54F283J MC54F321 MC54F32J MC54F32MC54F32J MC54F352 MC54F367 MC54F368J MC54F373 MC54F373DC MC54F373JMOT87 MC54F374J MC54F378 BEAJC MC54F378JC MC54F381BRAJC MC54F382J MC54F399DC MC54F51J MC54F521N MC54F534BRAJC MC54F534N MC54F539 MC54F573J MC54F641 MC54F74 MC54F742 MC54F74AJMC54HC74A MC54F74J MC54F74JDC9214 MC54F74YBDG MC54F827 MC54F85 MC54F86 MC54F86J MC54F86JMOT91 MC54FCT299DB MC54FO8J MC54H00F MC54H01L MC54H03J MC54H04L MC54H10 MC54H103BCBS MC54H10F1 MC54H11405BGA MC54H11L MC54H123AJ MC54H153 MC54H200DC MC54H20F MC54H20XF1 MC54H22L MC54H30J883 MC54H374J MC54H400B MC54H4017BEAJC MC54H40F MC54H40M MC54H51L MC54H53L MC54H55F MC54H573AJ MC54H72 MC54H72L MC54H74 MC54H8N MC54HAJ MC54HC004J MC54HC00AJ MC54HC00AJD MC54HC00AJMOT91 MC54HC00J MC54HC00JDS MC54HC00L MC54HC00YBDG MC54HC02 MC54HC02A MC54HC02AJD MC54HC02J MC54HC02MC54HC02M MC54HC03 MC54HC03JMOT87 MC54HC04BCAJC MC54HC04A MC54HC04AJCER MC54HC04AMOTOROLA MC54HC04J MC54HC04JDS MC54HC05J MC54HC08 MC54HC08AJFFLA MC54HC08AJMOT91 MC54HC08J MC54HC08JD MC54HC08JMC54HC08 MC54HC08JS2 MC54HC08YBDGMOT93 MC54HC107 MC54HC108 MC54HC1097 MC54HC109JCER MC54HC109JMOT87 MC54HC109YBDG MC54HC10JDS MC54HC10MOT82 MC54HC112 MC54HC113 MC54HC11BCAJC MC54HC11JCCQ MC54HC123AJ MC54HC125AJ MC54HC125AJCER MC54HC125AJDC90 MC54HC125JD MC54HC126AJ MC54HC126J MC54HC132 MC54HC132AJ MC54HC132BCAJC MC54HC132J MC54HC133 MC54HC133JMOT88 MC54HC137 MC54HC138 MC54HC138AJ MC54HC138AJD MC54HC138J MC54HC138JDS MC54HC138MC54HC13 MC54HC139AJ MC54HC139AJMOT91 MC54HC139J MC54HC142 MC54HC147J MC54HC14AJ MC54HC14BCAJC MC54HC14J MC54HC14JMM54HC14J MC54HC151 MC54HC151J54HC151J MC54HC151JCER14 MC54HC151JCERDIP14 MC54HC151JDIP14 MC54HC153 MC54HC153JMOT87 MC54HC154 MC54HC154J MC54HC154N MC54HC157AJ MC54HC157HJ MC54HC157JMM54HC MC54HC157JMOT84 MC54HC157JS2 MC54HC158J MC54HC158JMOT92 MC54HC160 MC54HC160JD MC54HC160JMM54HC MC54HC161 MC54HC161AJCER MC54HC161BE MC54HC161J MC54HC161JMM54HC MC54HC161JMOT91 MC54HC162J MC54HC163AJ MC54HC163J MC54HC164 MC54HC164AJ MC54HC164AJCERAMI MC54HC164BCAJC MC54HC164J883B MC54HC165 MC54HC165JDS MC54HC173 MC54HC173JMOT88 MC54HC174 MC54HC174AJ MC54HC174J MC54HC175 MC54HC175JD MC54HC175JMOT96 MC54HC191F MC54HC194 MC54HC194JMOT83 MC54HC195 MC54HC195JDS MC54HC20J MC54HC20JDS MC54HC20JMOT86 MC54HC221J MC54HC23754HC237 MC54HC240 MC54HC240AJ MC54HC240AJDC91 MC54HC240J MC54HC241A MC54HC241AJMOTORO MC54HC241JMOT MC54HC243J MC54HC244BRAJC MC54HC244A2 MC54HC244AJD MC54HC244BRAJC MC54HC244JCCQ MC54HC244YBDG MC54HC245BNMIL MC54HC245ADJ MC54HC245AJMOT97 MC54HC245J MC54HC245JD MC54HC245JMM54HC2 MC54HC24OAJ MC54HC251BEA MC54HC251JD MC54HC253 MC54HC253BCP MC54HC253HMOT MC54HC253JD MC54HC253JMOT86 MC54HC257 MC54HC257J883 MC54HC257L MC54HC259 MC54HC259J883C MC54HC266BCAJC MC54HC266JDS MC54HC27BNMIL MC54HC273BRAJC MC54HC273AJMOT91 MC54HC273J MC54HC273JDS MC54HC27BNMIL MC54HC27JD MC54HC280J MC54HC283 MC54HC298J MC54HC299J MC54HC299JMOT85 MC54HC2OJ MC54HC301 MC54HC30J MC54HC30JBENTLEA MC54HC32 MC54HC32AJ MC54HC32AJD MC54HC32AJMOT92 MC54HC32JD MC54HC32N MC54HC354J MC54HC356J MC54HC365 MC54HC365BNMIL MC54HC366 MC54HC366JMOT87 MC54HC367BEAJC MC54HC367J MC54HC367JD MC54HC368J MC54HC368JDS MC54HC373A2 MC54HC373AJMOT95 MC54HC373J MC54HC373JFFXC MC54HC373N MC54HC3743 MC54HC374AJ MC54HC374CER MC54HC374JD MC54HC390 MC54HC390JBEAJC MC54HC390YBDG MC54HC393 MC54HC393BCAJC MC54HC393J MC54HC393JMOT89 MC54HC4002J MC54HC4002JMOT86 MC54HC4006J MC54HC4017 MC54HC402 MC54HC4020BEAJC MC54HC4020J D MC54HC4020JDC92 MC54HC4020N MC54HC4024D MC54HC4024J490 MC54HC404 MC54HC4040AJ MC54HC4040JDS MC54HC4046J MC54HC4046JMM54HC MC54HC4049J MC54HC4050 MC54HC4050JMOT96 MC54HC40515 MC54HC4051JMOT90 MC54HC40525 MC54HC4052JZ MC54HC4053F MC54HC4053J16PIN MC54HC4053JMOT90 MC54HC4060AJ MC54HC4060JMOT94 MC54HC4066A MC54HC4066JCER MC54HC407 MC54HC40757 MC54HC4075J74HC4 MC54HC4075J74HC407 MC54HC4075JCERAM MC54HC4078AJ MC54HC4078BCP MC54HC4087J MC54HC42 MC54HC42JD MC54HC4316 MC54HC432AJ MC54HC4351AJ MC54HC4352J MC54HC4353 MC54HC4511 MC54HC4514 MC54HC4514J MC54HC4538 MC54HC45381 MC54HC4538B MC54HC4538J MC54HC4543J MC54HC4AJ MC54HC4O66J MC54HC51J MC54HC51JCER MC54HC51JMOT85 MC54HC533J MC54HC534 MC54HC534JMC54HC5 MC54HC54 MC54HC5400 MC54HC540J MC54HC541 MC54HC541J MC54HC541JFFXB MC54HC563J MC54HC564JD MC54HC567J MC54HC573 MC54HC573J MC54HC574 MC54HC574AJ MC54HC574J MC54HC589 MC54HC589JD MC54HC589JP MC54HC58J MC54HC595 MC54HC595A2 MC54HC595AJCDIP MC54HC595AJDIP MC54HC595BEAJC MC54HC595JDS MC54HC595JPULLS MC54HC597 MC54HC597J DC MC54HC597JDC91 MC54HC597JDS MC54HC640AJ MC54HC640JMOT86 MC54HC646J MC54HC688 MC54HC688JD MC54HC7266J MC54HC73J MC54HC73JMOT85 MC54HC74BCX MC54HC74A2 MC54HC74AJAA MC54HC74AJFFL MC54HC74AN MC54HC74BCAJC MC54HC74BCXJC MC54HC74J MC54HC74JMM54HC7 MC54HC74N MC54HC74YBDGCER MC54HC75BNMIL MC54HC75BNMIL MC54HC75JD MC54HC76 MC54HC85 MC54HC85JDIL16 MC54HC85N MC54HC86 MC54HC86J MC54HC86J54HC86J MC54HC86JDC901 MC54HCO2AJ MC54HCO8AJ MC54HCOOJ MC54HCT00J MC54HCT02AJ MC54HCT04A2 MC54HCT04J MC54HCT08J MC54HCT138J883C MC54HCT163AJ MC54HCT191J MC54HCT240A MC54HCT240J MC54HCT241A MC54HCT241J MC54HCT244A MC54HCT244AJD MC54HCT244AT MC54HCT244JDS MC54HCT245AJ MC54HCT245JAFAB MC54HCT32AJ MC54HCT3731 MC54HCT373F3AJ MC54HCT374 MC54HCT374AJ MC54HCT534AJ MC54HCT540J MC54HCT541J MC54HCT541JD MC54HCT640AJ MC54HCT643J MC54HCT74A MC54HCU04 MC54HCU04MOTO MC54HCUO4J MC54HJDS MC54LC109 MC54LS001 MC54LS00J MC54LS02BCAJC MC54LS02BCBJC MC54LS02J MC54LS03BCAJC MC54LS04 MC54LS04BDAJC MC54LS05J MC54LS06 MC54LS08J MC54LS10 MC54LS107BCA MC54LS10J MC54LS112ABEAJC MC54LS112AJC MC54LS122 MC54LS123 MC54LS123J MC54LS125J883 MC54LS126A MC54LS126J MC54LS132J MC54LS137 MC54LS138J MC54LS138JMOTDN MC54LS139AJ883 MC54LS139J MC54LS14 MC54LS148J MC54LS14RDBQ MC54LS151BEAJC MC54LS153 MC54LS155A MC54LS157BEAJ MC54LS157J MC54LS158BFAJC MC54LS160 MC54LS160ABEBJC MC54LS161A MC54LS161J MC54LS164BCAJC MC54LS164J MC54LS166 MC54LS169 MC54LS169BEAJC MC54LS173 MC54LS173BEBJC MC54LS174BFBJC MC54LS175 MC54LS191 MC54LS192 MC54LS193 MC54LS194AJ MC54LS195A MC54LS20J MC54LS21BCAJC MC54LS21RB MC54LS22 MC54LS240 MC54LS241 MC54LS241J MC54LS244 MC54LS244BRAJC MC54LS244MB2AJC MC54LS2451 MC54LS251 MC54LS253 MC54LS257AJ MC54LS257L MC54LS266 MC54LS27 MC54LS279 MC54LS279J MC54LS27J MC54LS280DC MC54LS283 MC54LS295 MC54LS30 MC54LS30J883 MC54LS32 MC54LS322A MC54LS32J MC54LS356AJ MC54LS365AJ MC54LS368A1 MC54LS37 MC54LS3732 MC54LS3741 MC54LS374J MC54LS375BEAJC MC54LS377BRAJC MC54LS379 MC54LS37BCAJC MC54LS38 MC54LS399 MC54LS45 MC54LS51 MC54LS51J MC54LS541 MC54LS55J MC54LS645 MC54LS670 MC54LS673 MC54LS74 MC54LS74ABDA MC54LS74ABDAJCFLA MC54LS74AD MC54LS74AJ DC MC54LS74J MC54LS78 MC54LS83A MC54LS83ABEAJC88 MC54LS85 MC54LS85BEA MC54LS85J MC54LS86AJ MC54LS86J MC54LS93 MC54LS95B MC55 MC550.1EXTRAFLEX MC550.1EXTRAFLEXRED MC55015 MC5501EXTRAFLEXBLK MC5502A5 MC550365PMD MC55053 MC5505B MC55085 MC55107 MC55107CCBS MC55107L MC551210PHD MC55181616BLK MC55181616RED MC55185ECM MC55221607BLU MC55221607ORN MC55241607GY MC55241607RED MC5531026B43B33M MC5531026B53B40M MC55325L MC5537A MC5539R2FT1 MC553X100169632 MC553X1001W696 MC553X1001W69632 MC553X2009W419 MC553X2009W41943 MC5549900PMD MC5559ISIPJ MC555CN MC555N MC555P8 MC556B126 MC556P MC5575 MC557BZL1 MC5583 MC55866PMD MC558C MC558MRL1 MC559F MC55C9531F MC55D226K MC55D287 MC55D442 MC55EC MC55MOUNTINGCLIP MC55PCF8574T MC55SW12060 MC55T03001F MC55T14221F MC55T21561C MC55T23701C MC56001 MC56001AFC33 MC56001FC20 MC56001FC33 MC56001FE27 MC56001RC27 MC56002FC40 MC56002FC40MOTQFP MC56002FC66 MC56002FC66MOTQFP MC56002RC40 MC560105 MC5601QP MC560550VTAP MC5607 MC560B2A MC560PF MC560SDWP MC561550VT MC5612 MC5612SIP MC561300G MC5614 MC5615 MC56156FE50 MC56156FE60 MC56156FE60MOTQFP MC5616 MC5618 MC561TKBC MC5621050VTA MC56200LC10 MC562500J MC562J50VTAP MC562J6C MC562K2C MC5631016V MC56301GC66 MC56301PW66XC MC56303GC100D MC56303PV100D MC56307GC100 MC5633078D MC563J1B MC563K2C MC564K2 MC5652DUXT MC565DR2 MC5673D3R2 MC567X2006W MC5681FN MC56824AF MC56824AF25AFN MC56824AFN MC56824AFN25 MC56824AFNC20 MC56824AFNC35 MC56824FN35 MC5689 MC569X200183886 MC569X2001W838 MC569X2001W83886 MC56ADC16S MC56AT3 MC56C0321AY00AA MC56C0321AY02AA00 MC56C0321AY02CC00 MC56C0321AY04AA0 MC56C0321BY02CC0 MC56C0321BY12CC0 MC56C0321BY12CC00DF MC56C0321CY12CC0 MC56C0321CY12CD MC56C0641BY12C00 MC56C0641BY12CC0 MC56C0641BY12CC002 MC56C0641MY124CC MC56C1281BY12CC0 MC56C1281BY14CC00 MC56F8300DSK MC56F8322VFA MC56F8322VFAE MC56F8323BAJA MC56F8323VFB60 MC56F8345MFG60 MC56F8345VFG60 MC56F8346MFVE MC56F8355 MC56F8355MFG60 MC56F8355VFGE MC56F8357EVM MC56F8357PY60 MC56F8367 MC56F8367MPY MC56F8367VPY MC56NF50VK125 MC56PF50VJ105C MC56U032NCVA0MBNO MC57000FN10 MC57020FE25B MC57120FN8 MC57201FC20C MC57359 MC5741 MC574AJN MC5752 MC575F MC5761 MC576MHZ MC5775 MC5788005 MC578Q32.768MHZ MC57901P MC57912LINK MC57A618FN12 MC57C25670 MC57HC05C4 MC57HC705C8ACFN MC57HC705P9CP MC57HCC705C8AC MC58 MC58000P MC58000RC10 MC58010P10 MC580134 MC5801CL9 MC5802 DATA SHEET MC5804 MC5805 MC5809MG MC5809N.HTML MC5812 MC5814 MC5815 MC581522DBPP450M MC581522DBPP45 MC581522DBPP MC58167AN MC58185FN MC5821P MC582424DBPP30M MC582424DBPP30 MC582424DBPP MC58274 MC58274CN58274CN MC58302FC25C MC58360CZP25K MC5841LW MC5841N MC5843 MC58450RC10 MC5845P MC5850P MC5862 MC58630 MC586413A MC5864MC586413A MC58655P MC5869 MC58725P MC5878 MC5881 MC58851RC20A MC58901FN MC58924RC10 MC58A03P MC58B44P MC58C54P MC58EN360FE25VC MC58HC MC58HC08J MC58HC705 MC58HC705C8SCFB MC58HC711E9CFN2 MC58HCTOSCBACFN MC58L11K1FN2 MC58LC32K32B3LG1 MC58O3 MC58T0520 MC58T2505 MC5902 MC5924 MC592D14 MC5943B MC5946B MC5950 MC5951 MC59520 MC595A MC595X2003W MC5962 MC59628685921YARF MC5975KN9449 MC597X4 MC597X40025W MC597X4010W MC597X4015W32768 MC597X4015W32768MH MC597X4016W MC597X4025W MC597X4025W1944MH MC597X4030W MC598X4010W MC598X4022W MC598X4027W MC598X4027W100M MC598X4027W100MHZ MC598X4032W10000MH MC598X4074W MC59C11PDIP8 MC59P50BWM MC5A000A1 MC5A000C1B MC5A003C1B MC5A012A1 MC5A20.000M10T MC5B24000M30T MC5C100520 MC5C100825LIT MC5C18090B MC5C256820RFB MC5C640820 MC5D000A1B MC5D001A1 MC5D011B1 MC5D014A1 MC5D039A1 MC5D045A4E MC5D069A1 MC5D078A1 MC5D078A1C MC5D085A1 MC5D086A1 MC5D095A1B MC5D097A2C MC5D101A1 MC5D103A1C MC5D115A1 MC5D12 MC5D123A1B MC5D124A1C MC5D125A1 MC5D143A3 MC5D146A1B MC5D154A1B MC5D169A1B MC5D177A1B MC5D204A1 MC5D205A1B MC5D214A1 MC5D215A2 MC5D217A1 MC5D218A1B MC5D221A1 MC5D223A1 MC5D224A1B MC5G0R2F032A1 MC5G100B100A1 MC5G100G100A1 MC5G100J050A3 MC5G100J050A6 MC5G100J100A1 MC5G100K050A3 MC5G100K063A1 MC5G100M050A1 MC5G101J050B1 MC5G101J050B5 MC5G101J050B7 MC5G101J100A2 MC5G101J100A4 MC5G101J100A7 MC5G101J100B2 MC5G101J100H1 MC5G101J500A2 MC5G101K050A7 MC5G101K100A3 MC5G101K100A5 MC5G102J050A9 MC5G102J050B7 MC5G102J050B9 MC5G102J100A3 MC5G102J100A5 MC5G102J200A2 MC5G102K050A5 MC5G102K050A7 MC5G102K100A2 MC5G102M500A2 MC5G112J050A1 MC5G120J050A2 MC5G120J050A6 MC5G120J063A1 MC5G120J100A3 MC5G120J2KVG1 MC5G120K050A3 MC5G121J050A2 MC5G121J050A5 MC5G121J050A7 MC5G121J050B3 MC5G121J050H2 MC5G121J100A3 MC5G122J050A1 MC5G122J050A3 MC5G122J050A5 MC5G122J050A8 MC5G122J050B1 MC5G132J050A1 MC5G150J100A2 MC5G150J100A5 MC5G150K050A3 MC5G151F100A1 MC5G151J050B2 MC5G151K200A1 MC5G152J050R1 MC5G180G050A1 MC5G180J050A6 MC5G180J063A2 MC5G180J100A3 MC5G180K050A2 MC5G180K050A4 MC5G181J050A2 MC5G181J050A4 MC5G181J050A6 MC5G181J050A9 MC5G181J050B3 MC5G181J063A1 MC5G181J100A3 MC5G182J050A6 MC5G182K050A1 MC5G1R0C050A4 MC5G1R0C050A6 MC5G1R1C050A1 MC5G1R2C050A3 MC5G1R2C050A5 MC5G1R3C050A2 MC5G1R5D050H1 MC5G1R8C050A1 MC5G1R8C050A3 MC5G1R8C050A6 MC5G200J050A5 MC5G200K050S1 MC5G201J050A2 MC5G202J050A1 MC5G220J100B6 MC5G220K050A4 MC5G221J050A3 MC5G221J050A7 MC5G221J100A4 MC5G221J100A6 MC5G221J2KVA1 MC5G221K050H1 MC5G222F050H1 MC5G222J050A3 MC5G222J050B3 MC5G222J100A1 MC5G222K050A5 MC5G240J050A1 MC5G250J2KVG1 MC5G270F100A2 MC5G270J050A3 MC5G270J050A9 MC5G270J050B2 MC5G270J050B4 MC5G270J050B6 MC5G270J063A1 MC5G270J100A6 MC5G270J200A1 MC5G271J050A2 MC5G271J050A5 MC5G271J050S1 MC5G271J100A3 MC5G271J100A5 MC5G271K050A1 MC5G271K050A3 MC5G272J050A3 MC5G2R0C050A2 MC5G2R0C050A4 MC5G2R0C050A7 MC5G2R2C050A5 MC5G2R2C050A7 MC5G2R4C050A1 MC5G2R7C050A3 MC5G2R7C050A5 MC5G2R7C050A7 MC5G2R7C050A9 MC5G2R7D050A1 MC5G300K050A1 MC5G301G050A2 MC5G301J050A2 MC5G301J050A4 MC5G330F100A1 MC5G330J050A1 MC5G330J050A4 MC5G330J050B1 MC5G330J100A1 MC5G330J100A3 MC5G330J100A6 MC5G330J100A9 MC5G330K050A2 MC5G330K050A4 MC5G330K050H1 MC5G331J050A7 MC5G331J050A9 MC5G331J050B3 MC5G331J100A1 MC5G331J100A4 MC5G331K050A1 MC5G331K050B2 MC5G332J050A5 MC5G390F100A1 MC5G390G050B1 MC5G390J050A9 MC5G390J100A4 MC5G390K050A2 MC5G391G063A1 MC5G391J050A2 MC5G391J050A7 MC5G3R0C050A1 MC5G3R0C050A3 MC5G3R0C050A5 MC5G3R0C050A7 MC5G3R3C050A2 MC5G3R3C050A5 MC5G3R3C050A7 MC5G3R3C050A9 MC5G3R3D050A1 MC5G3R6C050A2 MC5G3R6C050A4 MC5G3R6C050A6 MC5G3R9C050S1 MC5G3R9C050S3 MC5G3R9C050S6 MC5G3R9C063A1 MC5G431J050A1 MC5G470J050A9 MC5G470J050B2 MC5G470J050B6 MC5G470J050B8 MC5G470J100A2 MC5G470J100A6 MC5G470K050A2 MC5G470K050A4 MC5G470K050A6 MC5G471J050A2 MC5G471J050B1 MC5G471J050B6 MC5G471J050C2 MC5G471J100A3 MC5G471K050A7 MC5G471K100A1 MC5G471K100A3 MC5G472J050A3 MC5G4R0C050A3 MC5G4R0C100A1 MC5G4R3C050A3 MC5G4R3C050A5 MC5G4R3C050A7 MC5G4R7C050A1 MC5G4R7C050A4 MC5G4R7D050A2 MC5G510G050A1 MC5G511J050A1 MC5G560J050A4 MC5G560J050A7 MC5G561J050A4 MC5G561J050A6 MC5G561M500A1 MC5G5R0D050A1 MC5G5R1C050A1 MC5G5R1D050A1 MC5G5R1D050A3 MC5G5R1D100A1 MC5G5R6C050S1 MC5G5R6D050A2 MC5G620J050H2 MC5G621J050A1 MC5G680J050A4 MC5G680J050A7 MC5G680J050H2 MC5G680J100A5 MC5G681G050A1 MC5G681J050A9 MC5G681J050H1 MC5G681J500A1 MC5G681K050A2 MC5G681K050A4 MC5G6R8C050A3 MC5G6R8C100A1 MC5G6R8D050A3 MC5G6R8D100A1 MC5G750J050A1 MC5G7R0C050A3 MC5G820G050A1 MC5G820J050A4 MC5G820J050A6 MC5G820J050H2 MC5G820J050H4 MC5G820J100A2 MC5G820K050A3 MC5G821J050A4 MC5G821J050A6 MC5G821J050A8 MC5G821J100A1 MC5G8R0C050A1 MC5G8R2C050A2 MC5G8R2C050A8 MC5G911J050A1 MC5G911J050A3 MC5G9R0C050A2 MC5G9R0D050A4 MC5GR50C050A1 MC5I4101AZ80RFB MC5I4256B70JRFB MC5KE12A MC5KE250A MC5KE350A MC5KE400A MC5KE54A MC5KE82A MC5KGDI5 MC5KP45A MC5L4400AT6 MC5L4400AT70RFB MC5L8251APRFB MC5L8257P5RFB MC5M41000BL8RFB MC5M416400CTP6RFB MC5M417400BJ6 MC5M417400BJ7RFB MC5M51008BV70LLI MC5M5165P12LRFB MC5M5165P15RFB MC5MV4800AJ70R2 MC5N02 MC5P5S MC5PQ208I MC5R4K8K925 MC5R6025PF50 MC5RBN MC5S5S MC5SMC36AT3 MC5U102Z050A1 MC5U103M025A1 MC5U103M050A4 MC5U103M050A6 MC5U103M050A9 MC5U103Z050A3 MC5U104M050A2 MC5U104M050A6 MC5U104M050A9 MC5U104M050B3 MC5U104M050B6 MC5U104M050B9 MC5U104M050C2 MC5U104M050C4 MC5U104M050D1 MC5U104M050S1 MC5U104Z025A1 MC5U104Z025B1 MC5U104Z050A1 MC5U104Z050A4 MC5U104Z050B2 MC5U105M016A3 MC5U105M016A5 MC5U105Z016A1 MC5U105Z016B3 MC5U105Z016B8 MC5U105Z016H3 MC5U105Z016H5 MC5U105Z025A4 MC5U105Z025A7 MC5U105Z025B1 MC5U105Z050A2 MC5U106Z010A3 MC5U106Z010A6 MC5U154Z025A1 MC5U183M050A2 MC5U224M025A3 MC5U224M050A3 MC5U224M050A5 MC5U224M050A8 MC5U224M050B2 MC5U224M050B5 MC5U224M050B7 MC5U224Z025A2 MC5U224Z025A4 MC5U224Z025A8 MC5U224Z050A3 MC5U224Z050A5 MC5U224Z050A8 MC5U225Z016A8 MC5U226Z010A1 MC5U333M050A1 MC5U333Z050A1 MC5U334M025A3 MC5U334Z016A4 MC5U334Z025A5 MC5U334Z025A7 MC5U335Z016A1 MC5U394M025A1 MC5U472M050A3 MC5U473Z050A5 MC5U474Z016A4 MC5U475Z010A1 MC5U683M025A1 MC5U684Z016A1 MC5U823M050A2 MC5V4800AJ70 MC5X102G016A1 MC5X102K050A1 MC5X102K050A3 MC5X102K050A7 MC5X102K050A9 MC5X102K050B3 MC5X102K050B5 MC5X102K050B8 MC5X102K050C2 MC5X102K050C4 MC5X102K100A1 MC5X102K100A3 MC5X102K100A9 MC5X102K1KVA3 MC5X102K500A5 MC5X102K500A7 MC5X102M050A4 MC5X102M050A6 MC5X102M050A8 MC5X102M100A1 MC5X102M500A1 MC5X103J050A6 MC5X103J100A8 MC5X103K050A6 MC5X103K050C7 MC5X103K050D2 MC5X103K050D4 MC5X103K050D6 MC5X103K050G3 MC5X103K050G5 MC5X103K063A1 MC5X103K100A1 MC5X103K200A2 MC5X103K500A2 MC5X103M025A1 MC5X103M025A3 MC5X103M050A2 MC5X103M050A4 MC5X103M050A6 MC5X103M050A9 MC5X103M050B5 MC5X103M050B7 MC5X103M050C1 MC5X103M050C6 MC5X103M063A1 MC5X103M100A4 MC5X104J050A7 MC5X104K025A3 MC5X104K025A5 MC5X104K050B7 MC5X104K050C6 MC5X104K050E7 MC5X104K050F1 MC5X104K050F5 MC5X104K050G1 MC5X104K050G7 MC5X104K050G9 MC5X104K050H3 MC5X104K050H5 MC5X104K050H7 MC5X104K100A4 MC5X104K100A7 MC5X104M025A1 MC5X104M025A3 MC5X104M025A5 MC5X104M050A7 MC5X104M050A9 MC5X104M050B2 MC5X104M050B4 MC5X104M050B6 MC5X104M050B8 MC5X104M050C3 MC5X104M050C5 MC5X105K016B7 MC5X121J050A1 MC5X122K050A2 MC5X122K100A2 MC5X123J050A3 MC5X123K050A5 MC5X151J050A1 MC5X152J050A3 MC5X152J100A2 MC5X152K050A8 MC5X152K050B1 MC5X152K500A1 MC5X152M050A2 MC5X153J050H1 MC5X153K050A4 MC5X153K050A6 MC5X153M050A1 MC5X154K050A3 MC5X154M025A2 MC5X182J050A2 MC5X182J050A4 MC5X182J050A7 MC5X182K050A1 MC5X182K050A3 MC5X182K050A5 MC5X183K050A3 MC5X183K050A5 MC5X183K500A1 MC5X221J050A1 MC5X221M050A2 MC5X222J050A3 MC5X222K050A2 MC5X222K050A5 MC5X222K050A7 MC5X222K050A9 MC5X222K200A1 MC5X222K500A1 MC5X222M050A3 MC5X222M050A6 MC5X223J050A4 MC5X223K050A6 MC5X223K050A9 MC5X223K050B5 MC5X223K063A2 MC5X223K250A1 MC5X223M050A4 MC5X224K025A4 MC5X224K050A2 MC5X224M025H1 MC5X271K500A1 MC5X272J050A2 MC5X272K050A1 MC5X272K050A3 MC5X272K050A5 MC5X272K050A7 MC5X272M050A1 MC5X273M050A1 MC5X331K050A1 MC5X331M025A1 MC5X332J500A1 MC5X332K050A5 MC5X332K050A9 MC5X332K100A1 MC5X332M050A1 MC5X332M050A3 MC5X332M050A5 MC5X332M100A1 MC5X333J050A2 MC5X333K050A3 MC5X333K050B2 MC5X333M050A1 MC5X333M050R1 MC5X333M100A2 MC5X335K010A2 MC5X392J100A1 MC5X392K050A4 MC5X392K050A6 MC5X394K016A1 MC5X404A1B MC5X471J050A2 MC5X471K050A2 MC5X471K050A4 MC5X471K050A6 MC5X471K050A8 MC5X471M025A1 MC5X471M200A3 MC5X472K050B1 MC5X472K100A2 MC5X472K630A1 MC5X473K050A3 MC5X473K100A3 MC5X473M050B1 MC5X475K010A3 MC5X475K010A6 MC5X475K010A8 MC5X475M016A1 MC5X561K500A6 MC5X562J050A3 MC5X562K050A7 MC5X562K050B1 MC5X562M100A2 MC5X563K063A1 MC5X681K050A1 MC5X682J050A3 MC5X682K050A1 MC5X682K050A3 MC5X682K050A8 MC5X682K100A2 MC5X683K050A2 MC5X683K050A7 MC5X683K050B2 MC5X683M025A1 MC5X683M050A3 MC5X820J050A1 MC5X822K050A2 MC5X822K050A5 MC5X823J050A1 MC5X823K050A2

Part Prefix MC5 MC5- MC5:

Are Known manufacturers of this part prefix

Lead and Lead Free ROHs Part Cross Reference is Available for many devices with this prefixes.

Lead and Lead Free RoHs manufacturers Part Cross Reference:Available
Datasheets / Technical Drawings :Available in PDF format
Pictures / Images:Available in JPG or GIF format
Price:Quoted in US dollars ($)
Engineering Support:Available
Material Management Programs:Available

Contact MOTSUPPLY: Phone970-453-1762Fax(954)827-0139 email

motsupply is an Independent Electronic Component distributor specializing in Motorola Hard to Find, obsolete, discontinued and allocated electronic components. Located in the USA we sell and buy lead and lead free device domestically and abroad. With 24 hour quote response and the ability to ship over 90 percent of our orders the SAME day we are positioned to serve your requirements! We buy and sell hard to find electronic components with a focus on signal processing, analog, mixed signal, amplifiers, power management, MCU 2000 , controler's, Low and high power, AC, DC, converts, logic and micro-controlers.

 With a low cost business model we can offer you the 'Best Price' the first time, engineering support, Lead to Lead Free ROHs Part Cross Reference technical datasheets, and more.  Search our inventory on-line, e-mail us

Recent countries sold to:
USA United States United States of America Antigua & Barbuda Aruba Bahamas Barbados Cayman Islands Cuba Dominica Dominican Republic Grenada Guadeloupe Haiti Jamaica Martinique Puerto Rico St. Kitts & Nevis St. Lucia St. Vincent & the Grenadines Trinidad &Tobago Belize Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Panama Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador French Guiana Guyana Paraguay Peru Suriname Uruguay Venezuela USA Mexico Greece Netherlands South Africa,Cape Town,Europe
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Mot-Supply / Independent Distributor focused on Motorola Semiconductors
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Phone:970-453-1762 Fax:954-827-0139